Alex Ross

I am a London-based artist working in both traditional and digital mediums. Professionally, I have worked around the world as an illustrator, storyboard artist, and concept designer. My private practice focuses on the fantastic and in inspiring environmental stewardship.

While I occasionally help Leo with building the guitars, I am the that does the artwork and the finishing.

Custom Design Options Available

Let me customize your Hypnopomp guitar with names, personal artwork, and other bespoke designs

Leo Gauthier

I am an experienced luthier and fabricator with a passion for creating innovative and unique musical instruments. I have made beautiful sounding objects out of clay, wood, metal, and beyond. Currently, I am focusing on using woods that have been traditionally overlooked by the luthier community to make fresh guitar and bass designs that focus on comfort and versatility without compromising playability.

I design the bodies, cut the woods into shape, and get the guitars ready for Alex to apply artwork and finishing.

Unique Design

Tell me your preferred woods and as long as they are sustainable and can be ethically sourced, I will make them into the guitar of your dreams.

Let us make you a guitar

Choose from our pre-designed Series' or get yourself a custom